1. For all of you who may still be holding out hope that the GOP is simply well meaning, misguided misers who only want the best for our country.  Here is yet another example of the very shrewd and seditious planned path that they are taking us down—it started by using 9/11 to roll back our privacy rights in the name of fighting terror (how do you fight a tactic anyway?) to deregulating the banks and investment houses, to stripping unions of their right to collectively bargain, blaming the unemployed for the collapse of the economy, installing far right wing members to the Supreme Court and now—stripping all employees—that means you my friend, of their right to paid sick leave.  What’s next on their list—rolling back child labor laws and increasing the work week?  Yes, it really is a conspiracy.  Want more information on ALEC?  Go here:  http://alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed

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